The Supporter Bracelet - platinum faux pearls and black pave bead


1 bracelet. Magnificent, classic, chic. Iridescent shades of platinum surround a 10mm gorgeous crystal encrusted pave bead. Only more stunning when paired with “the Creative Cook” and “The Expert.” 3" diameter; stretch band, fits a 6" to 7.5" wrist. Free shipping. Packaged in Organza Bag with Note card pictured and description below.

Honoring Maria Hsieh
Support from someone who has shared your journey for decades and helps remind you that you’ve repeatedly overcome the odds is priceless. A friend who can help you work through the emotional rollercoaster and the frustrations that kidney disease presents is essential to healing. No more “California Screamin’ Rides,” Maria!

Listing is for one bracelet.

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