You Can Do It Bracelet - black and white faux pearls


1 bracelet. Sparkle in eclipse of white pearl and black ice. Everything in black and white looks more chic and sophisticated, day or night. Not only classic in apparel, it’s now one of the hottest trends in jewelry. Stack several or wear singly. It goes well with “The Entertainer”, “The Supporter” and “The Artist”. Free shipping. Packaged in Organza Bag with Note card pictured and description below.

Honoring Linda Oakford
If you need a cheerleader in your life, you want to have L-I-N-D-A. To have a friend who believes you’re capable of anything is a real gift. When I was feeling overwhelmed by life’s adversities, all I had to do was call Linda. She’d give me a pep talk and rally my soul.

Listing is for one bracelet.

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